Documentations A1.1

Informationen zu verfügbaren Dokumentationen und Büchern über die KATs
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Documentations A1.1

Beitrag von Yvan » Do 20. Jun 2019, 18:12

I am new here on this site, and we have no experience in the whole truck world, so you understand I have more questions than answers! But if I can help other people, I shall always try to do!!

A two weeks ago we bought a kat A1.1 (27.403DFAEG), he is full original. But I have no instructions, documentations or information about this truck.
I think the engine is a MAN 403 engine.
So I think he has 403 HP, but I don't know how much torque he has.
And I don't know what type of gearbox or torque converter is build inside.
Also I like to have more information about the retarder (engine break) if he has one. I don't know if he has one. Because we nit drive that time and now we are not home anymore.
Is there something to find from this type of truck?
And is it possible for this truck and all the other components to tune the engine (10-15%)?
Also I don't know how the webasto heating works on this truck.
Also I like to have a workshop manual for this truck in English or Dutch language, so if someone can help us?
With other words all information about this truck is welcome!!


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Re: Documentations A1.1

Beitrag von egn » Fr 21. Jun 2019, 06:56

Welcome Yvan!

Were are you coming from?

Pics! :mrgreen:

Try to contact MAN regarding a workshop manual.
Gruß Emil